Q: why is everything out of stock all the time

  • i screenprint shirts to order, so once I get enough orders I usually cut them off so I can start printing the shirts. it's not one of those dropshipping print-on-demand stores that use Printful or similar outsourcing services. Follow my instagram for the next drop because that's where I post announcements

    Q: what's the fit like?

    • each shirt has a size chart in the description with exact measurements! 

    Q: how long does shipping take?

    • Usually I try to print and ship everything within like 10-14 days but sometimes on big drops it can take up to like 3ish weeks.

    Q: can I cancel my order?

    • Since i buy blank shirts and screenprint-to-order, orders can't be cancelled once placed :(

    Q: why was my order returned to sender?

    • USPS returns orders back to my address if the given address is undeliverable or incorrect. I try my best to send them back out in a timely manner (for free) but you have to give me a corrected address to ship to. I live 2 hours away from my printing setup and business address cause I can't afford a place where i live (yet!) so it takes a while for me to pick up returned orders and resend them

    Q: wtf is screen printing

    • Screen printing is actually cool asf and dates back to like 221 AD (according to google lol) but basically it's a super old technology that's been mastered in the past decades. Screen printing sets me apart from most meme clothing brands because those tend to be Direct-to-Garment printed, which can be much duller and more faded depending on the printer. 

    Q: i sent you 800 messages and you haven't replied!

    • Dude swear to god im trying my best I'm just one person running all of this but please don't spam message me cause shit gets buried really fast. I'm pretty good at replying fast when im not printing shirts or packing orders, but sometimes that means it takes a bit for me to get back to you!